Last week of the year!

Merry xmas everyone!

A great last week of school in Room 1!

BEACH has been busy coming to some sort of compromise with the local Iwi. BEACH found out that the Iwi were protesting against the rehabiltion centre because they had warned Maratime NZ for years to not allow boats over the shallow reef. They were angered by the fact that $50,000 was funded to BEACH and not them. After innovating and much discussion, BEACH has decided to add some last minute changes to the re-construction plan and open the centre to the public! They have managed to design a new centre, using the containers from the Rena disaster in a cost efficent way. Now that BEACH is going to open to the public, money will always flow in to support the centre and collect for future emergencies. The Iwi will be given a percentage of the income for their own attempts at keeping our coast clean and green! This compromise has meant that tourism in Tauranga will increase and there will always be room for rescued animals in the area! What a success! The grand opening will be held this afternoon!

This last few days we are finishing our learning journals and reflecting on the great year we have had.

Tomorrow is movie day. Children are able to come to school in their pajamas with their teddies. We will have our homework treat and popcorn! We look forward to seeing you all at prizegiving tomorrow night at 6.3opm.

Not to forget that we finish at 12.oopm on Friday!

Thanks for a fantastic year! Safe holidays.

Alex and Natalie.