Because Every Animal Can Hope

Update from BEACH Rehabilitaion centre here in Tauranga…

The penguins and other sick animals from the Rena disaster are still arriving at the centre. We have set up make-shift pools all around the complex to cater for the influx of oil ridden animals. The government has provided us with $50,000 to support this influx, which will involve major refurbishments and buying new equipment. This week we are designing the new centre, big enough to cater for the sick. With $50,000 we can do alot, but time is ticking and more and more marine animals are arriving. Our innovative staff are making decisions on the most efficient and cost effective ways of spending the money. Our head vet has shown us the cleaning procedure for oil ridden animals, so we are well on the way to sourcing the materials that are needed to overcome the Rena disaster!

Over and out,

on site manager.

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  1. dale
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 14:27:51

    hey with that mob out & about a wille ago.Was that bad anyone ?


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