Last week of the year!

Merry xmas everyone!

A great last week of school in Room 1!

BEACH has been busy coming to some sort of compromise with the local Iwi. BEACH found out that the Iwi were protesting against the rehabiltion centre because they had warned Maratime NZ for years to not allow boats over the shallow reef. They were angered by the fact that $50,000 was funded to BEACH and not them. After innovating and much discussion, BEACH has decided to add some last minute changes to the re-construction plan and open the centre to the public! They have managed to design a new centre, using the containers from the Rena disaster in a cost efficent way. Now that BEACH is going to open to the public, money will always flow in to support the centre and collect for future emergencies. The Iwi will be given a percentage of the income for their own attempts at keeping our coast clean and green! This compromise has meant that tourism in Tauranga will increase and there will always be room for rescued animals in the area! What a success! The grand opening will be held this afternoon!

This last few days we are finishing our learning journals and reflecting on the great year we have had.

Tomorrow is movie day. Children are able to come to school in their pajamas with their teddies. We will have our homework treat and popcorn! We look forward to seeing you all at prizegiving tomorrow night at 6.3opm.

Not to forget that we finish at 12.oopm on Friday!

Thanks for a fantastic year! Safe holidays.

Alex and Natalie.




Because Every Animal Can Hope

Update from BEACH Rehabilitaion centre here in Tauranga…

The penguins and other sick animals from the Rena disaster are still arriving at the centre. We have set up make-shift pools all around the complex to cater for the influx of oil ridden animals. The government has provided us with $50,000 to support this influx, which will involve major refurbishments and buying new equipment. This week we are designing the new centre, big enough to cater for the sick. With $50,000 we can do alot, but time is ticking and more and more marine animals are arriving. Our innovative staff are making decisions on the most efficient and cost effective ways of spending the money. Our head vet has shown us the cleaning procedure for oil ridden animals, so we are well on the way to sourcing the materials that are needed to overcome the Rena disaster!

Over and out,

on site manager.

Totara Springs Camp

What an amazing 3 days at camp! The rain held off and we were able to enjoy all the activities that Totara Springs had to offer. We were lucky to have many parents join us and support us at challenging times- so many thanks to those who came along! Our team work and cooperative skills were tested at times however really shone through when we stuck at it or were encouraged. Some highlights were: the hydroslide (the bigger the faster), team rescue (a mind picking group task), flying fox (screams filled the forest) and the burma trail (a test of courage and trust)!

As tired as we are, back at school we are getting stuck into reflections. We have realised that ‘team’ has no ‘I’ in it and stands for ‘together everyone achieves more’!

Many of us faced our fears, learnt to compromise, recognised our strengths and made achievements (Emily made it down the hydroslide)!

Thanks again to all who helped and made this years camp such a huge success!

We can’t upload all the photos but for 50c you can buy a CD with over 300 photos of our action packed adventure!

Next up, roses- Friday the 18th Nov (we will keep you informed)

From a sleepy Alex, Natalie and Victoria

Welcome back to Term 4!

If the first two weeks are anything to go by-the term will be over too fast!! We have a lot packed into the last 6 weeks of the year. It is going to be a fun, enjoyable time till (dare we say it already!) Christmas!

This term the chidlren are going to be learning about fractions, proportions and ratios in maths, guided reading and writing will continue with the introduction of a writers workshop where (the children have hopefully talked to you about) the rotations of spelling, handwriting and gramma/punctuation will be a focus this term. We have noticed a huge improvment in the children’s confidence and we feel this is because of the many opportunities in our room that the children have to experiment with drama-we will be continuing that this term (due to popular demmand by the children).

Our MOTE (mantle of the expert) this term centers on some proffesionals that may be required to assist with a current ecological distaster and respond to a mystery  that was found-please feel free to quiz your children on their company role and how they are involved.

 Everyone in Room One is getting very excited about camp next week-we are all organised and hoping the weather will deliver for a surpurb, action packed 3 days!

Thank-you for your continued support,

Miss J & G.

Happy holidays!

Have a fantastic holiday everyone! Be safe and have fun 🙂

Well done for working so hard this term! You all deserve a break, see you soon!


End of Term 3

Hi everyone!

Spring Fair was a huge success for our school! We raised a whopping $14000 and counting, to go towards technology in our school! Thank you for coming along on the day and for those who contributed!

Your child has a camp notice in their bag for you (1 of the many to come) as camp is in week 3 of term 4. Totara Springs is a beautiful camp ground which provides all that we need for a fun filled stay. Check out this link for a peek preview… .html

Feel free to blog, email or pop in and see us with any queries!

We had a great response to the Mathletics programme and half the class have signed up for some extra learning, this is great support for them!

A welcome to the very cute Charlise, new student to Room 1 this week!

For the week gone and the last week of this term, we are travelling back in time through our ‘time portal’ to explore events in history which have impacted our world. We are asking ourselves, “what if?” to recognise the positives and negatives that come from a slice of history.

Lots to look forward to in the last week such as: homework treat,  Ag day and our whole school assembly on Friday (all welcome).

Go the All Blacks!! (and England)



Draft of Helpers for our hot food caravan-Saturday Spring Fair

Spring Fair Hot Food Caravan Parents Roster

Time slot Helper 1 Helper 2
10am-10.30am Kristen McDonald Dinelle Bates
10.30-11am Celeste Huntley Charmaine Kettle
11am-11.30am Annette Tofaeono Tony Brooks
11.30-12pm Shirley McKinnon Tony Brooks
12pm-12.30pm Anna Grigg Taimi Blake
12.30-1pm Sarena Smythe Bridgette Dawson
1pm-1.30pm Heidi Arnel Victoria Hamer

Please let us know if this doesnt suit you-we are flexible and can change it if necessary. We are still needing two parents to work from 1.30-2pm in the caravan. Also the draft roster of when your child will be helping on the Mexi-King stall will be coming home. Thankyou for all your support =) See you Saturday.

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